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Starting a new goal

Attaching Goals to Threads

New threads can be made into Goal Threads by filling in the Attach Goal section.

The Attach Goal section is located above the Post a Poll section when you create a new thread.

Setting Goals

GoGetters uses SMART goals. SMART goals are clear to understand, both for goal-setter, and for the community that will hold them accountable.

A SMART goal has five traits. Consider these traits when writing your goal:

S Specific and Stretching

Your goal should explain exactly what will be achieved, and shouldn't be easy to achieve.

M Measurable

Goals need to be measurable so the community can hold the goal-setter to account. Examples are 'lose 10lbs', or 'quit smoking'. Both of these can be measured: weight going down 10lbs, and zero cigarettes smoked each week. Goals that cannot be measured are too difficult for the community to judge. Examples could include 'get fit', or 'work harder'.

Explain how the results could be measured when you write your goal. Goals such as 'lose 10lbs' are easy to measure. Goals such as 'learn Spanish' can be measured by taking standardized tests. The test result can then be posted as evidence at the end of your goal.

A Agreed-upon, Achievable, and Action-oriented

Goal agreement is fundamental to GoGetters community. All new goals are reviewed by the community, who can choose to either to approve or reject them.

The goal must be achievable and action-oriented. Explain why you can achieve your goal, and provide a detailed action schedule.

R Relevant and Results-oriented

Your goal should be relevant to something important in your life. It should drive you forward. It should have some specific result in mind, and that result should be valuable to you. Communicate this when you write your goal.

T Time-bound

Your goal should have a fixed time limit. This is accomplished by setting the Completion Date. You will also be expected to post updates on your activity and progress. Choose an update period appropriate to the goal and its duration.