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Submitting goal results

Submitting Final Results

At the end of your goal, you need to report your achievement results. Make your report as thorough as you can. You can include the following:

  • Your final result. What did you achieve? For example, if your goal was "lose 20lbs", your result might be "lost 23lbs".
  • Evidence. Provide proof of your final result. This could be things like photos, videos or certificates.
  • A positive reflection. What went well for your goal? What are you proud of? How do you feel about the goal now?
  • A negative reflection. What didn't go well? Did you make the goal too hard or too easy? How could you have done better? What were the things that limited you?
  • Any other general thoughts. What did you learn as you pursued this goal?
  • Future plans. What do you intend to do next? What do you think your next goal might be?

The community will then rate your goal achievement according to a scale. After rating closes, the community's average rating will be posted in the thread, and the goal will be marked "Completed".