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Submitting goal updates

Submitting Updates

Every goal on GoGetters is held accountable by periodic updates. Each update allows the community to confirm that the goal-setter is taking action on their goal.

All goal updates come due on the next appropriate Sunday. You then have a fixed period in which to submit your update.

After you submit your update, members of the community will rate it. The rating period usually lasts for a fixed length of time. In cases where there aren't enough ratings, a Judge (currently just the Host) will be notified and will cast a final rating.

After the rating period is over, the average rating is calculated and posted in your goal thread.

Updates should include two things:

  • An action report. Explain how you have done the things in your action commitment.
  • A progress report. Report on your progress so far on your goal.

Try to include as much evidence / proof as possible. This will make members of the community more confident in giving your updates good ratings. A simple example of evidence is a photo.