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Voting on new goals

Voting on New Goals

Voting on new goals is an important role of the GoGetters community. Each new goal from a member must be approved by the community before it can be pursued. The community votes to approve or reject a goal based on two criteria:

  • Is it Doable yet Challenging? Goals must be realistic enough that they can be achieved. They must also be challenging enough that the goal-setter will have to strive to achieve them.
  • Is it SMART? Goals must meet the 'SMART' criteria to maintain clarity and quality, and to give all goals a common and familiar form.

Follow this guide when voting on new goals, so as to give fair and consistent votes.

Doable and Challenging

You should vote Yes if you think:

  • The goal-setter has a reasonable chance of achieving this goal. You can check their previous goal history or read the details in their new goal to decide this. For example, the goal-setter has previously achieved goals of similar difficulty, or they have convincingly explained why they can achieve this goal.
  • The goal-setter will have to work hard to achieve this goal. Again, you can decide this based on the goal-setters explanation or their previous goal achieving record.

Otherwise, you should vote No.

This is important to maintain the integrity of goals in GoGetters. Easy goals shouldn't be approved, and neither should unrealistic goals as they have a high risk of being abandoned.


Follow the SMART goals criteria in deciding if a goal is SMART. To vote Yes, the goal must meet all five criteria. Otherwise, vote No.

Consider posting a reason for any new goals you vote to reject. Goal-setters will have a chance to revise their goal if it is rejected, so this feedback can help them.