1. GoGetters Community is no longer actively maintained, and will be closing down in the future. Thankyou for your participation in this project. [ Details ]
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  1. Conduct

    1. No personal attacks. Personal criticism is not considered a personal attack, unless it is unrelated to the topic at hand.
    2. No derailing threads. Discuss tangential topics in new threads.
    3. Thread starting rules:
      1. Clearly indicate the topic in the title.
      2. If the thread is about material posted elsewhere, include a quoted digest as well as a link to the material.
      3. Use existing threads if they cover the same specific topic.
      4. Continued abandonment of goals, i.e. repeatedly starting goals and not presenting updates or results on them, is grounds for punishment.
    4. Write posts in easily readable plain English.
    5. No advertising personal products outside any sub-forum for that specific purpose if one is available.
    6. NSFW material must be posted with ample warning, either by specifying NSFW in the thread title, or putting a lead-up NSFW warning in a post.
    7. Prohibited speech and content:
      1. Advocating a crime
      2. Strongly criticizing the general theme of the forum (i.e. members may not join to attack the forum itself)
      3. Revealing personal information about a member without their consent
      4. Voicing demotivating anti-constructive sentiments
      5. Spam
    8. Abominations: Breaching any of the following will result in a permanent ban.
      1. Lying; making false personal claims.
        Amnesty will be granted to a member who lies but then privately comes clean about it to a staff member before it is discovered.
      2. Advocating or reflecting upon use of a hard recreational drug
      3. Advocating suicide
      4. Admission or implication of prior felony
      5. Discussing performing sexual acts with minors
    9. No use of the forum that breeches the Terms of Use.
    10. Criticism and suggestions regarding forum rules and administration must be posted in the admin sub-forum.
    11. Threads on highly divisive topics, i.e. topics very likely to pit different groups of the membership against each other, must be posted in the Yard.
    12. Trolling rules:
      1. Trolling is defined in this forum as: 'speech provoking a response for the sake of the provocation only', and is prohibited.
      2. It includes: raising the same provocative topic multiple times; posting media repugnant to the theme of the forum; an excessive track record of expressing hate;
      3. It excludes: any statements made during an already-started debate which are relevant to the topic;
    13. Links to domains considered repugnant to the forum may be blocked. This does not preclude discussion of a quoted excerpt from that link provided it complies with the rules. 
    14. Punishment for breaking rules will be handed down based on disruptive severity, recalcitrance, and precedent. It can include warnings or bans of varying periods including permanent.
    15. Posts are permanent after the editing window closes.
    16. The rules apply universally to the entire forum membership.
  2. Membership

    1. The community is aimed at men pursuing greater success with wealth, women, and life generally. By joining, members confirm they are such a man.
    2. Banned members cannot rejoin under a new name.
    3. Members are expected to be doers, not just talkers. Indulging in debate and commentary exclusively is disfavoured.
  3. Administration

    1. The following staff types currently exist: the Host.
    2. Staff may be appointed by the Host for 6 month terms with possibility of renewal. All such staff are volunteers. They may be removed for severe dereliction of duty or abuse of privileges.
    3. If a staff member with punishment power feels a punishment should be issued to a member with whom he is arguing in a thread, he must report it to the Host or another Moderator, rather than issuing the punishment himself.
    4. Staff will punish based on the rules and precedent only, under the concept of "beyond reasonable doubt".
    5. Moderators may only edit or delete a member's post to remove content that breaks the rules, and must leave an explanation comment in place of the removed content where possible.
    6. Moderators must post the reason for any punishment for any member with at least 10 posts, and at their discretion for other members if it is not obvious.
    7. Moderators may move any misplaced thread to the correct sub-forum. This includes the Yard, if in their opinion the thread is very likely to become, or has become, highly divisive.
    8. Punishments can be appealed to the Host within 3 days by any member with 50 or more posts.
    9. The Host is the final point of appeal. Any decisions of the Host on any matter are final.
    10. Threads which degenerate into aggressive or personal arguments may be temporarily frozen for a fixed period, with a posted explanation.
  4. Amendments

    1. Amendments to the rules will be published in the Admin sub-forum, and will go into effect 1 week thereafter.
    2. No amendment can be retroactively applied.