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Goal Adopt Winners' Sleep Schedule

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by James, Feb 27, 2018.


Goal: Shift sleep back to 5am - 7am wakeup region by March 27, 2018 (finished)



Member James commits to the following actions to achieve this goal

Get up at target time and work.
Backed up by external forcing.
Present records of wake/sleep times.

  1. Fundinn

    Fundinn Active Member

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    It's good to take the rest instead of trying to meet ends. Btw, according to Sleep Smarter, sleeping between 10pm and 2am is the window of opportunity:

    The sleep calculator is pretty simple too. You might be able to go to bed 15 minutes before 10pm and wake up after a couple of cycles past 2AM.
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  4. James

    James Host


    Well before this goal I was waking up around 1 or 2pm. I'm currently waking up around the 8.30 mark, and that mark is starting to stabilize. So it's not a full achievement (7.00), but it definitely feels much better.

    Had I not got sick on week 3, might have gotten it down even further. But currently I think this is good enough for my purposes.

    Key findings were that morning sun was pivotal. It's not possible to maintain a screwed up sleep schedule with sun on your face in the morning. So this is an entrenching measure for sleep goals.

    • Sleep medicine (non-entrenching) can jump start fixing a severe desync, but only coupled with morning sun (or you become reliant on it), and should be stopped as soon as possible.
    • External forcing (mildly entrenching), like ordering morning delivery, can help, but you need to find services who are competent and won't screw you around, so it's not reliable.
    • Morning scheduling can help, but if it's not an appointment you genuinely have to meet, it will not overpower your desire to stay in bed if you feel severely fatigued. But if you do succeed in doing so, you'll have to make sure the subsequent nap doesn't go too long, or it messes up that evening's bedtime.
    • Having to show your results to peers (entrenching) does help, as I'm sure guys here know.
    • You can expect feeling rather unpleasant in the beginning. Transforming from a night-owl to a morning person takes your body a bit of rewiring and getting used to.

    Week 4:

    So I'll maintain what I've been doing, and I expect that will end in sleep settling in the 7am-8am region, which is acceptable. If I later still feel going earlier would be better, I'll do that, but for now I think this will be fine.
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  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

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    So on Friday you managed to get to bed at 10.30?
  7. James

    James Host

    I think I was just exhausted on that day. Which is a good 'technique' for making bedtimes earlier.

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