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Do you guys have any ideas for making a little side money?

Discussion in 'Money' started by Niko, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Niko

    Niko New Member

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    So, the title says it all. Do you guys have any experience in making a little side money? If so, could you share your ideas and experiences with me?
    I don't even have a main job yet. But I'll probably get one soon.

    Thanks in advance, Niko. :)
  2. James

    James Host

    If you have a specific marketable skill, you can offer it as a freelancer to local businesses.
    Otherwise, probably better to just tread water with a typical part time job like working as a barista, bar tender, etc, until you get your real job.
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  3. MattN

    MattN New Member

    What's your life situation? Do you have a car? You could start by going to garage sales and buying "vintage" stuff and selling them on eBay. Toys, board games, video games, artwork and small furniture all do well. You can also try Uber.
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