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Goal Get a date from daygame.

Discussion in 'Women' started by Shaney96, Jun 21, 2018.

Goal: I will go on one daygame-induced date. by August 9, 2018 (finished)



Member Shaney96 commits to the following actions to achieve this goal

I will make daygame cold-approaches per week and will abstain from porn and masturbation.

  1. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    Goal Update

    Daygame cold approaches: 5 out of 5.

    A direct rejection and recieving some fruit from my labour, this week has been interesting. I appreciate that I've had an opportunity to get outside my comfort zone in other areas, as a direct result of an approach. I'm getting closer toward a point where I can push myself to approach a girl if she's by herself, the area isn't busy, and she's dormant for a few minutes, so I can overcome the AA.

    This week I'll be at another festival (Thursday-Tuesday), so I believe I have 2-3 full days to get the approaches in. Hopefully I'll be able to blast through a few in a day. I understand that 5 sets may be considered merely a warm-up for many guys, but I guess I've got many other things I'm doing, and I don't like having it at the forefront of my mind when I'm going out. What I experienced this was was how I felt a relief of pressure when I got my 5 approaches, which meant I didn't set such am expectation on myself when out partying last night, and could therefore enjoy myself more.

    Approach 1
    German-Polish girl waiting for same coach as me for next city. Direct and commented on outfit. Small talk with some welcomed silences, to which she sometimes broke to ask a question. Got her IG. Messaged her that evening, I indirectly invite myself over to hers the proceeding night. She responds in the morning in the affirmative, suggesting drinks around hers.

    Then 'life' happens. I go to meet her, and find she's with her gay best guy friend, who's on a date with another guy. We chill by the Riverside drinking a couple, until we apparently have to pick up her friend, as I learn her friend (female) is coming to stay at hers. Her friend is manic; like, she's nuts. We get to hers and, although she said she had to babysit her brother (thus I assume she'd be alone), I shortly get introduced to her Mum. Long story short from here: Me, the two girls and her Mum talk in the kitchen, friend goes to bed, her Mum remains a cockblock until 03:30 when she then heads to bed. I escalate. She's into it but rejects kisses and tells me she won't cheat on her boyfriend, but she was fine touching me and being touched. Both go to sleep. Next day I spend little time with her prior to leaving. Pretty glad I didn't try to escalate again to just meet rejection, as this would've been needy.

    Approach 2
    Girl reading in park. Sit against the same tree and, eventually, say 'excuse me'. This is instantly met with 'what's the time?' from her, which completely caught me off guard, and made me laugh. Interaction never caught traction: was eventually met with 'well it was nice talking to you', whereby I then try to continue the conversation, where she then simply states 'go'. I oblige and walk off.

    Approach 3
    Girl walking back and fourth at street corner. Direct then comment on her behaviour. She's waiting for a friend. I tease a bit and her friend shows up. I keep my cool and explain the situation then talk to the friend. They start talking about the bar they're going to, then I leave them to it.

    Approach 4
    Girl reading by Riverside. Saw a 2-set but I pussied out but told myself I must approach some set. Get talking to this bird reading. Fun interaction and get some roleplay and inside jokes in. She didn't seem super into me, but was asking questions to break silences; I got some impression that she was just too polite to reject me, and was simply neutral toward me in regard to receptivity. Overall a good chat.

    Approach 5
    Indian girl on PC. Kinda did this approach just to get the last approach 'out of the way' - yeah, that's how it felt for this one. Ended up being married. Still had a good laugh and had a 20 minute or so conversation.

    The result of the first interaction has given me some reference experience, proving that shit can progress from an initial interaction, and has the ability to get sexual. No doubt could it have gone further, had I had better game, but I'm accepting of that, and state such as it tells me the potential is there. It was interesting how she didn't count touching eachother sexually as cheating, but a kiss on the lips would've been so. I read about this not so long ago: (some) women can rationalize away cheating as long as there isn't romance involved, for 'it isn't cheating if there's no emotional connection'.

    I'm not overly fussed if any interactions this week don't go well. I think the goal for this now is to greater diminish my approach anxiety, and prove to myself (through reference experience) that I have to ability to approach girls as I'm out and about. One challenge could be to approach a girl by stopping her on a busy high street, as I've been yet to do this.

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  2. Kostadin

    Kostadin Active Member

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    Wait, this sounds really weird. Didn't anyone else question why the said girl invited you to her house, even though she has a boyfriend? (assuming she didn't lie about it)

    Good job with sticking around and trying to escalate despite all the obstacles.
  3. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    She invited me back to hers for drinks. "Drinks" can be used as plausible deniability. Unfortunately, after we had our drinks, the Mother was still there being a cock-block. It's possible the Mother knew she bought me back for sex, and was intentionally cock-blocking due to not wanting her daughter to cheat.

    In the girl's mind, I was simply there "to chill", and sex would've "just happened" as a direct consequence of "drinks".

    It was a new, difficult situation for me: the Mum, girl, and the girl's friend were talking in Polish for the majority of the night (girl's friend speaks little English), and the music they were singing to was not of my liking. Still, I kept silent and seemingly self-amused, rather than acting as if I were into the music.
  4. Tom

    Tom Active Member

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    I cam to the conclusion some girls literally just at that moment are 100% down to chat which gives mixed singles but hey, they really ant a chat. I once watched something (on facebook possibly) and it essentially showed how everyone smashes away on their phones, to nervous to initiate an interaction but when someone initiates a conversation with them, they are down. The reasoning, at the end of the day, humans are social creatures.

    I've read it before, the difference between male and female cheating. For women they deem it to be emotional cheating. Take from that what you want xD

    Very impressive week, some success already sprouting.
  5. James

    James Host

    Just attention-seeking. You'd be surprised the extents some women will go for attention, it's like their life blood.

    Still, it does mean you're getting warmer. She may have just been testing her options and playing around for the sake of power (as indicated by her ability to demand attention and get you to comply). Part of succeeding includes being able to detect and screen out types like her, which comes with experience and self-control (not investing time when you sniff they're a time waster). The worst I've ever seen is a girl roping multiple guys into that nonsense, each guy wishing hopefully "I'm the guy she's really down for", but in actuality it was just the power & attention that was her raison d'etre.

    But nevertheless you were in "fool around" territory, which is a step up from "not that interested" or "spurn" territory. She wouldn't screw someone around for attention unless attention from them had some value. Next level is "yeah OK" territory, so getting closer.
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  8. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    If I've backtracked correctly, I've done 17 total daygame cold-approaches. I believe the target (assuming 5 cold-approaches) a week was 30. So: Cold-approaches: 17/30. The last 3 came from last week, so I may as well jot some details about these down below:

    Typical attractive girl. By 'typical' I mean beach blonde hair, high-heels, big tits, designer shades, short-shorts, etc.. Got some anxiety but approached her. She had her earphones in and spoke little English. Got talking to her for a minute and then asked what she does, she told me she was a prostitute. Yup, a prostitute. Then she told me where she worked, showed me on Maps, and told me to visit her later. I was pretty taken aback, but managed to maintain composure at her remarks. I was unaware that Hamburg had a red-light district and a street (similar to Amsterdam) where you can essentially window-shop for sex.

    A 2-set at a park. 2 girls giggling away for like an hour together. I eventually (took me so long to muster the courage) go over and directly approach. I learn they both have boyfriends but I stick around and one of the most enjoyable interactions of my entire trip. Inside jokes etc., and have a couple of great contacts for if I'm ever in the city. Interaction lasted like 2 hours and it never felt dull. This interaction felt like an injection of life-energy.

    Girl walking toward me on empty street. Approaches like this I find the easiest. I get a few seconds to prepare myself as she's walking toward me, and the street's not busy, so I'm not feeling anxious about others or overwhelmed. Direct and had to repeat myself as she was English wasn't her mother-tongue. Told me she had a boyfriend and, by some interesting coincidence, her boyfriend rang her as we were talking; yeah, she voluntarily held up her phone to show me the name of the ringer.

    Dates as a result from daygame: 2

    Successful? I'd say so. Just getting that first approach felt like success. I've proven to myself that I have the ability to approach, I just hope that, since I'm now back home in England, that I can still make approaches and won't attach myself to some false belief like 'oh, I can only approach while solo-travelling', as I know that's just bullshit I'll be feeding myself.

    I've got a lot of work to do on myself now, and have a great desire to get my life organized prior to Uni. I'm slipping back into some bad habits (porn, eating too many carbs), but I think this may be due to just getting back from travelling and I just feel kinda depleted, but now it sounds like I'm just trying to rationalize my poor decisions.

    Anyways, yeah, I won't start a brainstorming thread in this post, so I think I'll leave this as it is with a final remark or two.

    The 2 dates didn't go fantastically. The first I allowed myself to let her lead most of the interaction, and I wasn't confident in my physicality with her. The second I believe I allowed myself to be used as a tool used extract attention from. Maybe if logistics were better then something would've happened, but the point is that I wasn't attractive enough for her to push through her ASD.

    The reason for these interactions not going as far as they could have is primarily (I believe) because I'm not comfortable with myself at the moment. And by 'myself' I primarily mean my body. Again, this'll be some brainstorming shit later, but it's relevant to the dates.

    I gotta keep up cold-approaching, and I think a goal of 5 a week is adequate.
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