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Introducing GoGetters Community

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by James, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. James

    James Host

    Welcome, everyone.

    I'm the host of this community. I have started it to provide an action-focused accountability and advice community for men who want to improve their positions in life.

    This forum aims to stand out with the following features:
    • Good software. This forum uses the best forum software currently available on the market.
    • Additional features. This forum isn't just a high quality discussion forum. It also contains extra features like the goal system, and intends to continue adding features.
    • Quality rules. The rules aim for maximum fairness and certainty, including in their enforcement. They aim to strike the best balance between flexibility and maintaining the self-improvement direction of the forum. Room for "moderation by discretion" is deliberately minimized.
    • Singular purpose. This forum is a place where you come to get things done, not a place for idle chitchat and "consuming content".

    As you've all already read the main introduction when you registered, let's get into it.

    After you've posted your introduction in this sub-forum, choose an appropriate sub-forum to start brainstorming your actions in. Or if you're already clear on the work you need to do, post your first goal.

    Now lets get to work.
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