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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Will Hunting, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Will Hunting

    Will Hunting New Member

    Hey everyone, Will here.

    I'm an 18 year old university student who moderately has his shit together but I'm not entirely satisfied with myself currently. I am doing well in school, but I want to maintain a better GPA then I currently have, so that I can have access to co-op positions that are available for my program. I have trouble motivating myself with this at times because I find myself not committing entirely to my program, and I feel as though I would be better suited doing something else. I'm studying business right now, when my passion may be more towards kinesiology. Unfortunately transferring programs is not an option so I'm sort of stuck in that regard.

    I am doing really well, in my opinion, in the fitness aspect of my life. I currently am running Wendler 5/3/1 with well-balanaced accessories so that I can focus on shoulder and back development, because there are areas that I want to bring up and I feel would add to my frame as productively as possible. I can currently bench press 255, squat 315 and deadlift 385. My lower body is still catching up to upper body, which is also something I'm working on.

    As for the women part of my life, I have had some success in the past with women, but nothing extra-ordinary, and frankly have not had a lot of sexual experiences. This may be inpart to the fact that I was a very shy, socially awkward and frankly physically unattractive person growing up. I am not this person anymore, both on the outside and the inside, but I feel as though I am behind my peers in terms of social experience, and this is something I need to actively work on by continuing to push myself by being more social. I currently only try to talk to girls through commonalities such as in classes or labs, or through mutual friends. I also do not have Instagram, which I think is lessening my chances with the opposite sex. Tinder is also not set up, and it is mainy because I have trouble taking good pictures of myself. Again, not that I'm ugly, but having been so for the majority of my life it is taking some time.

    Anyways, my goals are to finish this year with an 85% GPA (may have already screwed that one up), become more involved in clubs and socities, squat 405, and get laid three different times by three different girls. The last one may seem superficial but I feel as though it is a good way of measuring my growth socially.
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  2. James

    James Host

    Welcome, thanks for intro,

    Welcome, thanks for intro,

    Any idea which area you want to focus on first? Then we can start a brainstorming thread on that.

    (also I cleaned up the double-post)
  3. Will Hunting

    Will Hunting New Member

    Hmm, I would say that the GPA and strength goals are both things which I generally understand how to control. As for the girls part, I think that is what needs the most focus simply because it is the most lagging area. Some ideas to bring this up are start a tinder and instagram account, making an effort to talk to more girls on a day to day basis, joining high volume clubs/socities, habitually going out to parties, etc. Something that would definetely help is improving my social circle as well.
  4. James

    James Host

    Sounds like a plan. So make a brainstorming thread in Women, letting us know what you're currently doing in the realm of getting women, and also to brainstorm the actions you'll take (like the things you've mentioned).

    Tinder will need research and work on getting good pictures; instagram even more so (women basically judge you on that based on your number of followers).
    Joining good clubs & societies is good, as is going out to parties (by which I assume you mean get more invitations, or maybe just not turning them down).

    Trying many different avenues when trying to get girls is very helpful, as you don't know yet what works best for you. Tinder tends to be more fluke-y (except for Adonis types) as you get less than one second to show your appeal, bars: minutes, parties: possibly hours, clubs&societies: days/weeks.

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