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It's an old story...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MattN, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. MattN

    MattN New Member

    I'm Matt and I'm almost 40 years old. There are a number of things in my life that make me unhappy. I let people run all over me, I don't put myself out and be more social, I don't have the energy to do everything I need to do. These all stem from the fact that I am fat. I've been fat almost my whole life. There have been a few periods where I have lost it for a time period but not all the way and not for long. I am about 6' and weigh 270 lbs. Because I am fat I let people including my wife run all over me. I do exercise. I am a member of one of those gyms where they combine weight lifting and cardio in a class. For my size, I do ok. I can run a mile in about 9:30. For me this is all about eating. I eat when I get bored, eat when I'm stressed, I eat just because I have a hard task at work. I have tried keto diet before. It did work, but it was kind of annoying to always need to prepare special food. I'm not sure if it will work again. I'm looking for brainstorming ideas that can help me get my weight under control. Realistically I'd like to get to 189 lbs. I would be very happy if I can get to 215 lbs. I may need to set a more immediate goal to stay on track. I'm brainstorming for ideas.
  2. James

    James Host

    Welcome aboard, Matt.

    The first issue I see is that you've been fat for 40 years, and your efforts to defeat it using standard methods (exercise, diets) have failed to beat it -- only to hold the line. That indicates those things aren't enough, and something else fundamental needs to change to break out of the situation.

    Could you let us know the following:
    • Could you explain the keto diet you were on, how long you were on it, what it required, how strictly did you stick to it
    • Could you lay out the patterns in the eating (most frequent times, places).
    • What are you doing to safeguard the bad habit: i.e. if you're eating at work, when stressed, when bored, you must be keeping food near you?
    • Are your friends fat?
    • What is the exercise schedule per week: how many sessions, how long, how many exercises
    • What do you do after the exercise? Do you eat?
  3. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    I believe it's something entirely internal. For example, my Mum has been on weight loss things and has lost a lot at times, but it all ends up getting put back on. Perhaps you identify with this fat person you currently are? Perhaps you're not willing to give-up all the things necessary long-term to sustain a healthier body? I mean, it's easy to say that you'd like to be 189lbs, but it'll be a painful, long road, and you'll of course want to sustain this new weight, rather than re-introducing old, negative habits that will slowly push you back up to ~270lbs.

    A useful exercise could be to list absolutely everything negative about being overweight; go into long-term health issues that could come around, all the bullying and self-hate that's been brought about because of it. Think of all the different ways your life would be better if you'd lost weight; perhaps your wife would start feeling dread as she notices other women checking you out more, and your sex-life therefore skyrockets etc..

    One simple thing to start may be to substitute what you eat with less calorie-dense food/drink. One thing that helped me when I tried keto/low-carb was drinking a shit-ton of water. Perhaps jumping into something as extreme as keto may prove too difficult and lead to failure (binging, giving up, etc.), so instead starting off by substituting in different things may be a more realistic approach.
  4. MattN

    MattN New Member

    Thanks for writing me back.
    • the keto diet was taking less than 25 grams of carbs per day. It was really effective but I actually ate a lot of calories, having a lot of cheese and so forth. I did stick to it
    • I'm eating early in the morning. If I don't workout I'm unhappy about going to work and I eat. I also eat when I have to stay up late and work.
    • My wife isn't fat and that's really my only social constant
    • 5x per week very intense for 60minutes
    • After I exercise I'm not eating for awhile. I usually go to work. I exercise in the morning and I can usually make it until lunch where I have a salad.
  5. MattN

    MattN New Member

    Good idea to list the issues with being overweight.
  6. James

    James Host

    Have you tried intermittent fasting, to push your discomfort threshold and get used to not eating?
    Also is there anything else you can substitute or block the eating habit with? E.g. chewing gum, or deliberately not having food on hand when and where you usually snack.

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