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Brainstorming Organize my life and get it on track.

Discussion in 'Misc' started by Shaney96, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    I'll start by listing out a load of goals I have and we'll go from there:

    1. Get to 13%-14% body fat. Rejoin gym, get diet sorted, get a gym plan (targeted at cutting) sorted.

    2. Sort out wardrobe. I have a fashion-oriented IG with over 500 posts, and I still get anxious when getting dressed in the morning as I have an absolutely un-cohesive wardrobe which stresses me out. I have too many clothes and shoes, and want to sell more of it. I'm tempted to 'start from scratch', keeping only a few items.

    3. Get a head-start for Uni. I want to start learning whatever mobile-app-development kit we'll be using at Uni, so I have something of a head-start for the relevant module. I chose 2 mobile computing modules for my final year as I believe this area could be something that I could use to develop a form of self-employment (passive income?) post-Uni.

    4. Get 2 plates. This is something that'll result from daygame and any societies I join at Uni. I'm slowly reverting back to my old negative mindset of 'sex doesn't happen to me', which I believe is a result of not having any sexual interaction for almost a year, and probably due to a few more minor things.

    5. Get RamblingOn.co.uk public. It's at a stage where there's one post for each category, but it needs to be optimised for mobile and tablet and there's plenty of things that need smoothing out on the site. This should be a backburner thing, but I'd like to essentially have one blog rolling out per week.

    I think these are the main, larger goals I have on my mind right now. After getting back from my month-long trip on Monday, I've already relapsed on porn and have had 2 carb-laden days of binging and doing no exercise. Today I did get up at 06:45, and am already back to meditating for 20 minutes in the morning, so I hope I'll still continue rebuilding some healthy habits. However, I'm a long way to go and feel quite overwhelmed with the amount of shit I'd like to do, especially considering I'm moving house again next week.

    I'd essentially just like to have my life back on track for Uni. My overall goal is to have different areas of my life simply laid so that I'm able to improve on each area each day (or every other day, however time allows) and tangibly track my progress. I don't want to be stressing over things like clothing and feeling overwhelmed.

    What I'd like help with is prioritizing these things and creating some kind of checklist of things to do.
  2. James

    James Host

    The most important thing to look out for is trends. By the time something has become a cliche way to make money, it's too late.
    To reiterate the state of that market:
    That indicates: may be good for active income, as lots of people want apps made (but client selection is key, make for businesses not for idea-dabblers, as businesses have money); but bad for passive income because no-one is making any money in that space anymore.

    So paying attention to what's gaining traction is critical. I don't know that much about the space, but from videos I've watched, back in the heyday loads of guys were raking in money making apps, back when the app stores had far less wares. But to do so: they had to spot that trend. They had to jump onto the bandwagon just as it was starting to roll.

    So you have to spot one of the next ones. Is it wearables? Internet of things? Machine learning / AI?
    Cruise the tech news sources, try to sniff out what's being called "cutting edge", what's being newly released, what the big guys are doing. Those things are the safest bets. Then you can target your skill-building into whatever would likely be needed in those spaces.

    Dissipation = failure. Focus = success. Items have to be hammered one at a time.

    Focus is hard too. Focus is the weightlifting of mentality; dissipation is the couch & cheetos of mentality.

    Priority 1: Physique.
    Body fat reduction can be very rapid if you hit it hard. I've heard numbers of 1lb/day being doable with a heavy calorie deficit coupled with vigorous exercise ("lost in the woods" levels).
    This should be your "line in the sand" goal. If you can't achieve this goal, you can't achieve other goals either. You want that nice sharp jaw and triangular physique so they've got one less reason to resist. You should nuke this goal this time. Go full hardcore and knock it out of the park.

    Ignore for now:
    - Wardrobe. If really necessary, restore order by writing up a rolling x-day roster for particular outfits.
    - Website. It cannot cause a meaningful near-term marginal return, so drop it for now until the pressing issues are fixed.
    - Headstart for uni idea. You're going to be doing 1 year of that stuff anyway right? So what is the marginal value of one more month, self-guided? Plenty of time for that. But you need physique now.
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  3. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    Good point. I think this is something I'll come back to once I'm in the swing of things with Uni and other things. There's no huge rush to get this area started, as I may find that, with everything else on top of my final year of Uni, that I will have scarcely any time to work on this. Perhaps this is something I'll really get looking into next year after I've done my final exam and handed in my dissertation. This should then put me in some decent stead for post-graduation.

    I guess both those articles can be pretty depressing, but also kinda liberating. Talking to my Dad last night, the company he works for actually employs people - meaning they're paid a fixed wage - just to make apps for the company. So yeah, I really do see how trend-hopping is the most advantageous way forward. Urgh, even this idea I had for an app could easily just melt away in the sea of optimistic apps.

    This is something I still struggle to understand. For example, weight loss takes an hour or two at the gym and eating right - there are plenty other hours in the day to hammer on with some of the other goals. See what I mean? So like, what's stopping me from working on everything else? Perhaps you'd suggest that, if I focus on getting everything else done also, I'll lose focus working on my physique and it will slip thusly?

    Okay, fuck it. I recall when I got to the end of my last cut and could just look at myself in the mirror and think 'damn, I'm the shit', even though I wasn't really anything compared to bodybuilders etc.. Now I look at myself and literally just thing 'meh, I'm a little fat, ain't I?' and I'm positive this lack of self-worth negatively affects my frame in day-to-day life. I'm positive that if I had a greater sense of self-worth, then I'd further internalize the 'I am the prize' mindset and would've unconsciously have behaved much more attractively on those two dates and would've been more socially confident.

    I have an abundance of clothing and shoes just kicking back, chilling. They need to go. Having hundreds of pounds worth of shit just lounging about makes me anxious. I feel I need to work them into outfits to vary what's on my IG, since they're otherwise doing nothing but gathering dust. I want to dedicate the next day or two taking pictures and making listings, and basically start afresh.

    So after I get this 'clutter' cleared, I'll purely focus on getting my physique in order. I move house next Friday/Saturday, so I won't bother with the gym up until then, although I may go for a day or two using day passes.

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