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Goal Play 2 songs on guitar with no mistakes.

Discussion in 'Misc' started by Shaney96, Mar 4, 2018.


Goal: Play 2 songs in full without any mistakes. by March 29, 2018 (finished)



Member Shaney96 commits to the following actions to achieve this goal

Accumulate 3.5 hours of practice per week up until the goal date.

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  2. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    Yeah, I let myself down with this one.
    One possibility for the lack of a result (excluding the main reason being the distinct lack of discipline) was that I feel I set myself this goal for the sake of it. I feel I set the goal hoping it would give me some direction, something to do in the evenings that would help improve my quality of life. Instead, however, and evidently, it was like 'putting a plaster on a gunshot wound'. I've been trying to 'fix' my life by avoiding whatever the root issue may be. I don't think it's girls, but I feel there must be some reason why I'm not enjoying life and am so down and feeling so shitty so much. I've got a few ideas as to why this may be, and it's a case of tackling these issues head on, after I can pinpoint what such issues may be.

    I'm not trying to throw excuses out, as I take full responsibility in being lazy enough to produce such insufficient work. I am instead trying to figure out why I'm so unmotivated. I feel it's greatly due to: lack of fulfillment from my job; lack of human-interaction and friendship; lack of tangible, visible results regarding areas I wish to grow in (girls, social ability and networking particularly).

    Here's what my lack of work has produced:
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  3. James

    James Host

    Lack of motivation is often due to a lack of compelling reason to do the work, not just laziness. Doing no work generally is always laziness, but specific failure to do a work item may not be.

    Also note that guys who actually like playing guitar don't have to force themselves to play. They pick it up because they want to. Getting good at an instrument you don't really want to and that doesn't really interest you is a tough ask.

    I'm guessing your job presents no clear path towards a position you want in life. It lacks that combination of a fundamental interest in the area, a path towards wealth or other high position in life, and/or being in the sweet spot of "challenging but not crushing". A job is never going to be fulfilling if it shows no believable path towards "I am wanted by other people", "I am in control of how much money I can make", "I am good at this and it matters if I am good at this", etc.

    Just from the things you've communicated here, I think you need to pay more attention to the things you are motivated to do (specifically: your interested in buying and selling fashion, and whatever aptitudes made you pursue IT as a profession). As I've said, there may be some winning combination there. The combination always comprises 3 parts: "I want to do it (interest), I can do it (aptitude), and society wants me to do it (market $)".

    Incidentally, guys who strike that combination rarely have problems getting women. Any women with more than half a brain can smell "that's a winner". It transforms your energy, demeanor, posture, the whole list. They start floating around you more, waiting for you to ask them out etc.

    The issue is that you can't bounce around. You can't dabble at guitar, dabble at diet, dabble at trading, due to the hockey stick. All of the winners aimed to smash one thing at a time. Dabbling kills any chance of success. Due to the hockey stick, dividing your time 25% guitar, 25% diet, 25% trading, 25% social action, doesn't result in 25% progress per week in each of those things. It results in negligible progress in everything. Which you're seeing and feeling now.

    My recommendation would be twofold:
    1. Commit to one thing that you're going to smash over the next few months. And don't based it on a wish, or "it'd be nice to achieve". Base it on "I have a compelling need for this, and I have the will and means to do it". The totality of your work effort should be focused into that one thing. If it's body, it's body. And only body. Everything else is dropped to zero -- it can wait.
    2. Start going to industry events/conferences etc in both the IT space and the fashion/retail space. If you have to drive to another city to attend, that's fine -- part of the work. This is an information gathering activity; casual but sustained exploration/research with intent to find a play that is compelling to you. This incidentally strikes the other things you've mentioned: you're now hanging around and meeting people who have similar interests to you, giving you both networking and potentially friends.
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  4. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    It's strange really: before picking it up, I feeling anxious because my thoughts are "I've got so much work to do on this to hit that goal I set" and end up neglecting it. When I do eventually pick up and play, I find myself more at ease, not worrying about the goal and instead just present on what I'm currently working on. It's surpassing that initial hurdle of anxiety that's inhibiting much progress.

    You're right on the money there, unfortunately.

    My job is a year-long placement between my 2nd and 3rd year of Uni. I'm glad I've done it as it's provided much insight into the industry and has saved me from going into such a stereotypical software development job straight after Uni.

    For definite. Ironically, women are of a much lesser focus when a man's got his mission as well, which in turn is what exudes attraction from the man. I think it's been difficult for me to think long-term and really appreciate this, due to my monotonous routine that has me feeling like I'm spinning my wheels and gets me down most days.

    Huh, great point man. That's most likely why I feel like I'm getting nowhere and am not seeing too many tangible results. Territorial work means that my work hasn't gone completely to waste, as, even if I've seen little progress, I've learned from mistakes and have taken a few steps forward.

    Thanks for this advice, as I think this is definitely key. I will however try doing two things. One is physique, and the other will be either guitar or buying/selling. I say this because my physique is taken care of during my lunch hour and by eating correctly, which means I have plenty of time in the evenings to dedicate elsewhere. I'm torn between my reselling and guitar, and I'll have to deliberate as I enjoy, and want to improve, in both areas.

    Now this is great, and something I'll look into. If I'm, in any way, able to get my foot in the fashion industry, even if it's a contact or two, I can imagine how rewarding it would feel.

    Thank-you for the advice James. As always, I greatly appreciate it. I'll give this some hard thinking over and will come up with a means of moving forward.
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  5. James

    James Host

    There's nothing stopping you from returning to the next one after you smash the other. But the hockey stick is law.
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

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    Regardless, it's still sounding class to me!
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