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Goal Quit smoking

Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Jack, Dec 30, 2017.

Goal: Clear my addiction to nicotine from my system by January 20, 2018 (finished)



Member Jack commits to the following actions to achieve this goal

Consume no products containing nicotine and report my progress.

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  3. Jack

    Jack Member

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    Yeah so, while this goal didn't go to plan I'm not giving myself any time to stop trying. I'll resubmit another goal fresh tomorrow and with a little luck I can make it a fully clean run. It was also suggested to me to buy nicotine test strips and present them with my progress updates to help me visualise my own progress and also have a physical marker of where I am at through my detox.

    I definitely underestimated how difficult this goal was going to be. While I started off well, social situations and accessibility to tobacco were the core issues that broke the early streak. So as I move forward I will have to take into account what situations I will be putting myself in. Work will be hard but something I can manage, when I am on shift with another smoker I just need to fight the urge, I'll use the method @Fundinn mentioned (timing how long it takes for cravings to subside).

    Earlier on I mentioned in another thread it was my intention to try "monk mode" and separate myself from distractions so I can concentrate on myself, this seems like the only option available to me as so far almost, if not ever every time I have gone out while attempting to quit, I have smoked.

    I appreciate all the advice and time you guys have given to this thread, the next one WILL be successful.
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  4. Tom

    Tom Active Member

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    You'll get there bro, just keep trying!
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  5. Fundinn

    Fundinn Active Member

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    I've been hearing a lot about guys going monk mode lately. It's an interesting idea. Kind of shows what our society has made of us though. You can buy anything these days, it's madness. I'm not surprised of some of our struggles with the way we're conditioned early on. I spent a long-weekend with two kids lately and one of them was demented. He was addicted to nutella, his ipad and his parents were absent on their phones. How can that kid get a chance at being great if he's placed in the gutter like that...

    Great Jack, you can do this.
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  6. James

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  7. James

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    Quick query: is everyone (except OP) able to see the rating stars on post #23 above?

    I've noticed that everyone's voting for updates & approvals fine, but no-one has voted on a result yet (in any thread).
  8. Shaney96

    Shaney96 Active Member

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    I've voted for this and can see what I rated, but not the final score.

    I'm sure that, on my into thread, I got a rating and that was posted as a final result?
  9. James

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    Ah yes, disregard, got confused by something.
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