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Rule Amendments

Discussion in 'Admin' started by James, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. James

    James Host

    Amendments 2018-1-10


    [r1.8.d] "Admission or implication of prior crime" to "Admission or implication of prior felony".
    Reasoning: technically someone who said "I broke the speed limit" or "I littered" would be in breach of old rule.

    [r1.8.b] "hard" means anything that involves a needle or is in the red region according to this image.
    Reasoning: was questioned as unclear if commonly consumed substances like marijuana (or which others) would break the rule.

    [r1.3.d] "Continued abandonment of goals, i.e. repeatedly starting goals and not presenting updates or results on them, is grounds for punishment".
    Reasoning: GoGetters should not tolerate those who do not respect the goal setting and accountability process. Even an update of "I did nothing" would at least respect the process.
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